Photo: ChangeYourFlight

Photo: ChangeYourFlight

Last modified: 07/06/2012

ChangeYourFlight prepares for Internationalisation

The company will incorporate the Fundación José Manuel Entrecanales and the investor group Fides into its shareholders.

The start-up ChangeYourFlight, with its head office in the Glòries Business Incubator at Barcelona Activa, will increase its capital by 20% this year thanks to the Fundación José Manuel Entrecanales and the investor group Fides becoming shareholders.  

The company, founded in 2010 by Iñaki Úriz and José Luis Vilar, is setting as its next objective the expansion of commercial services at a global level from Europe to Asia.

A web to refund money from flight tickets

ChangeYourFlight is an innovative platform that allows the buying and selling of tickets between airline users. The aim of the service is to provide partial refunds of airline tickets that cannot be used.

In 2011, it was recognised at the Flightglobal Webbies 2011 event which awards prizes to the best web sites related to aviation. In the same year it was awarded second prize in the 'Storming Pizza' event run under the auspices of the BuyTourismOnline (BTO) fair in Florence.


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