Photo: Starlab

Photo: Starlab

Last modified: 25/03/2014

Catalan wins third prize in EU's entrepreneurial women awards

Ana Maiques, cofounder of Startlab, has been recognized for her work in space technologies and neuroscience.

This European Union prize awarded during the Innovation Convention 2014 is in recognition of women who combine scientific excellence with entrepreneurial skills to create innovative companies.

Ana Maiques was awarded third place for developing probes that are able to measure, among other things, ground moisture, water quality and the development of mechanisms to control brain activity and indeed to stimulate it. The first prize went to the German geneticist, Saskia Biskupin, with a study that explores the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases, and the second prize was won by Dutch woman Laura van't Veer, who invented a test that predicts the risk of recurrence in patients with breast cancer.

The Catalan entrepreneur is the director and co-founder of Startlab, based in Barcelona and dedicated to researching and specialized in neuroscience and space technologies.


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