Last modified: 14/07/2014

Catalan ICT companies target Latin America and 'Big Data'

CTecno presented this month the results of the 2014 Barometer of the Technological Sector in Catalonia.

The Technological Circle of Catalonia (CTecno) presented this month the 2014 Barometer of the Technological Sector in Catalonia. The sixth edition of this study points out that the Catalan ICT sector is showing itself able to adapt and react despite the effects of the economic crisis. Among the most important data in this year's Barometer, mention is made of the increasing number of companies in this field in Catalonia, which in 2013 stood at 11,500,  and the increase of 4,600 people employed in this sector during the same period, meaning that almost 82,000 people currently work in this area. 

By areas, with respect to internationalisation, the study shows that Latin America has become the main location of interest in terms of investment by Catalan technology companies, overtaking Europe. Regarding investment in research, the Barometer reveals that in the ICT sector, there are increasingly fewer companies that do not carry out any RDI work. Moreover, it highlights the fact that investment is higher among internationalised companies than the sector average. 

Regarding trends, the Barometer lists mobility and cloud computing as the subjects that continue to draw the attention of the sector, in spite of the significant increase in the interest for Big Data shown throughout 2013. Finally, the Barometer points out as objectives for the next few years, the need to improve specialised training, as well as global competitiveness for future professionals. 

The 2014 Barometer of the Technological Sector in Catalonia is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the situation of the information and communication technologies sector in Catalonia. Its preparation has entailed 400 surveys in more than 400 companies in the sector. In addition, 21 interviews with opinion leaders were carried out as well as three focus groups, in which 19 experts and professionals took part. 

2014 Barometer of the Technological Sector in Catalonia (pdf - catalan)

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