Photo: Fira Barcelona

Photo: Fira Barcelona

Last modified: 12/11/2012

Businesses in the city, the stars of the Smart City Expo World Congress

Barcelona City Council is to have a stand where it will exhibit its innovations and where 15 young companies will present their solutions for the creation of a more intelligent city. The Smart Innovation Zone is to welcome 12 projects from Barcelona, four of which have received the support of Barcelona Activa in their growth process.

From 13th to 15th November, Barcelona City Council is to present the main solutions that position the city as a leader in innovation applied to cities in matters of mobility, people-care, energy efficiency, the environment and e-government at the Smart City Expo World Congress.

The council will have a stand of 140 m≤ to exhibit projects such as ICity, which it leads jointly with London, Genoa, Bologna and large businesses, to create new applications and services of interest to citizens, and the City Protocol Society, the worldwide alliance which will be formed during the congress between large cities, businesses and the major universities of the world to create standards of quality for cities of the future.

This space will also serve as a platform for 15 young companies to present their intelligent solutions. Among these are Pickbe "Pop-App Store" and the Interactive Map of Barcelona, developed using QR codes by the MKTGroup company.

Innovation "Made in Barcelona" 

Notable in the exhibition area is the Smart Innovation Zone, a space that is aimed at Catalan SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) and which will allow two technology centres and 16 start-ups to exhibit their ideas and solutions for sustainable and urban transformation.

Of these companies, 12 are from Barcelona and four have received council support in their growth process. On one hand, Dexma and Deneb have established themselves in the Barcelona Nord Technology Park. On the other hand, PaParam 24-7xs Technologies Corporation are situated in the GlÚries Incubator, where Enertika also have their offices.

Barcelona Smart City Tour: a walk through the intelligent city

The council has organised the Barcelona Smart City Tour once more, which on 15th November will show to the international delegates who attend the event, initiatives, buildings or infrastructures of the city which have become an example of sustainability, energy efficiency or of excellence in the urban services of the city. 

Business synergies and Barcelona as an urban laboratory

As part of the Congress, Barcelona Activa and KimBCN are organizing for 13th November, a new edition of SynergyS, a networking event which will bring together the major companies in the sector with SMEs and entrepreneurs to exchange challenges and solutions regarding ICT, town planning, renewable energy and sustainable mobility and to encourage innovation and the generation of new business contacts.

In addition, on 15th November, the winning project of the "The Urban Lab Challenge" will be announced, which the city of Barcelona promotes under the auspices of the Open Cities European programme. The winning pilot project will install its energy efficient solution in a municipal building in Barcelona.

Smart City Expo World Congress

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