Photo: Bismart

Photo: Bismart

Last modified: 29/04/2013

Bismart successful at the Creamed awards in the Biz Euroregion Convention

The company, based at the GlÚries Business Incubator and part of Barcelona Activa, is internationally recognised for its innovative 'business solutions'.

Bismart is one of the companies based at the GlÚries Business Incubator, and was one of the three winners of the CreaMED International Prize in the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region

The award was presented as part of the Biz Euroregion Convention, held in Toulouse (France) on 16 and 17 April. The prize was awarded in recognition of the company's innovative strategy to transform data into knowledge, providing solutions for decision making.

Bismart, which provides technological solutions in business intelligence, was already awarded the "Barcelona Entrepreneurship Capital" Prize in the 'Business Plan' category, in 2009. 


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