Last modified: 22/02/2017

Barcelona promotes international economic promotion policies

The municipal government aims to consolidate Barcelona as an open and global city. The City Council will invest 7 million euros during this mandate, an investment with which it is wanted to attract activities and talent that contribute to motivate the local economy.

To make this possible, the City Council has designed a road map that aims to work from different perspectives. On the one hand, the goal is to strengthen the city branding and the international reputation of Barcelona to attract foreign investment and international talent. This strategy is shared by institutions and civil society and will be channeled by Barcelona City Promotion Advisory Board that will add efforts to locate Barcelona as an attractive city for economic activity. 

As Mr. Jaume Collboni, Deputy Mayor for Enterprises, Culture and Innovation explained, "Barcelona wants to have the larger number of start-ups than any other city in Europe and we are well placed to achieve it. In recent years, about 11.000 new jobs have been created in the city in technology-based start-ups, and more than 50% are permanent contracts". Mr. Collboni also considered that this percentage is very important taking into account that in Barcelona the average of stable recruitment is just a 15%.

The document also states that Barcelona will host the World Routes 2017, the most important global meeting of the airlines sector, international airports and territorial promotion agencies, and this is seen as a new opportunity to position Barcelona. 

Finally the Barcelona International House will be created as a service of welcome, information and support for foreigners who arrive into the city create a business . This project already exists and it works successfully in Zurich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam or Vienna.
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