Photo: Axiom Groupe

Photo: Axiom Groupe

Last modified: 17/10/2012

Barcelona brings together leaders of business innovation

From 22nd to 23rd November, the Catalan capital will be hosting the 6th European meeting on business innovation, organised by Group Axiom in collaboration with Barcelona City Council.

Barcelona City Council is sponsoring the 6th 'Innovation Excellence' Conference, organised by the Axiom Consulting Group, this time under the slogan "Cutting Edge Strategies Management For Realistic Innovation: Creating ROI".

For two days, a high-ranking group of heads of multinational companies in sectors such as mining, energy, telecommunications and Internet, electrical, chemical and transport, among others, will come together to discuss issues related to innovation and enterprise; such as innovation in network, strategic innovation, the culture of innovation and creative thinking. 

In its capacity as business sponsor, Barcelona City Council has a limited number of registrations with special conditions (ref. Barcelona City Council). 

The city, a meeting point of international talent

Coinciding with the conference on "Innovation Excellence", Axiom Group is also organising, for November 22nd and 23rd, the conferences  'Tax Management Excellence' focusing on the fiscal management of companies. Thus, internationally renowned speakers will address aspects such as cost reduction, restructuring, tax efficiency and transfer pricing.

Barcelona promotes the attraction of innovative companies

The Catalan capital is committed to actively becoming the hub of innovative businesses for the whole of Europe, as well as a centre of international competition in research and development activity. 
For this reason, Barcelona has five innovative clusters in the district 22@, which are aimed at improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the companies in this sector and promoting their strategic positioning. 

'Innovation Excellence'

Video of the 5th - 'Innovation Excellence" (Paris, 2011)

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