Photo: Barcelona Activa

Photo: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 27/03/2015

Barcelona, among the 10 best cities in the world

The Catalan capital is in the leading group of cities in terms of best brand, reputation and labour attractiveness.

Barcelona consolidates its strong international position and ranks among the world's top ten cities to visit, to invest in or to work in. This fact is emerges from the thirteenth Barcelona Observatory Annual Report which has been produced jointly by Barcelona City Council and the city's Chamber of Commerce. 

The document compares the Catalan capital with the main international cities using 30 indicators presented in six different areas: businessknowledgetourismsustainability and quality of lifeprices and costs, and the labour market and training

Thus, Barcelona ranks among the top ten cities in the world in key economic aspects such as brand, reputation, labour attractiveness, future prospects or the number of foreign investment projects received. In this regard, the Deputy Mayor SÚnia Recasens stated that "Barcelona has led the way in emerging from the crisis and has been the economic engine for economic recovery". 

In addition, Barcelona also holds a high position on the list with regard to the organisation of international meetings or in terms of attraction for international retailers, consolidating and improving the city's position with respect to last year. 

These data are reflected in the increase of passengers recorded by both El Prat Airport and the Port of Barcelona. Barcelona continues to be the main base for cruise passengers in Europe and the city received 2.6 million visitors in 2013, an 8% increase over the previous year. In addition, the airport was positioned among the 10 busiest in Europe with more than 37 million passengers in 2014, 6.7% more than in 2013

Read the full press release  (catalan) 

Barcelona Observatory report 2015 (catalan) 

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