Photo: Nissan

Photo: Nissan

Last modified: 22/02/2013

Barcelona is giving Nissan its full support in the creation of a new tourism in the Zona Franca area

The Deputy Mayor for Economy, Enterprise and Employment has met with Alfonso Díaz, the head of Nissan's human resources strategy for Europe, the Middle East and India.

Following news of the manufacture of the new vehicle at the Zona Franca factory, Barcelona has offered Nissan all its support to speed up the success of the project, which means an investment of 130 million euros.

Sònia Recasens, Deputy Mayor for Economic, Enterprise and Employment, has met with Alfonso Díaz, head of Nissan's human resources strategy for Europe, the Middle East and India, within the framework of the Urban Land Institute conference held in Paris.

Sònia Recasens expressed the Council's support for the multinational company in this new project, which will involve the creation of 1,000 new direct jobs and 3,000 indirect jobs at Nissan's factory in the Zona Franca area of Barcelona.

The city is also offering all Barcelona Activa's selection process services for facilitating access to 1000 new jobs that the company has announced it will create.

Recasens stated that "the Council wants to contribute to the creation of a clear setting of continuity for the development of everything linked to the automobile manufacturing sector and its auxiliary sector. Barcelona aims to once again become the engine of this sector, as it has been in the past and wants to lead a new impetus within the capital".

An event driven by Barcelona International Council

The meeting between Sònia Recasens and Alfonso Díaz has been the first result of the agreement signed by Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Global association. This association is responsible for rolling out Barcelona Growth's measure for setting up a network of ambassadors (Barcelona International Council) globally to promote the competitiveness of the city.

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