Photo: Barcelona Activa

Photo: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 28/05/2014

Barcelona is world's sixth best city brand

Catalan capital is placed above San Francisco, Chicago and Dubai in The Guardian Cities Global Survey 2013.

The ranking, published by the British newspaper The Guardian and developed by the brand consulting firm Saffron, shows the world's top 20 most-powerful city brands in 2013 . Factors studied for the survey included services offered, climate, infrastructure (especially transport), security and the economic prosperity of cities. Other factors included mentions in social networks and the media.

Los Angeles tops the list, followed by New York, London, Paris and Seoul. Barcelona is in sixth position. Behind them come Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Dubai in tenth place. The Catalan capital is ranked third in Europe and first in southern Europe.

The consultants assessed how cities use their assets. For example, Singapore is a transport hub and this was reflected in the rankings, and Mumbai has recently started to leverage its brand and is doing very well.

This and other international rankings confirm that Barcelona's branding and promotional work is on track. It's become a benchmark city combining an extensive and powerful network of infrastructure and services to take advantage of business opportunities, with excellent weather and a broad cultural offer.

Guardian Cities Global Brand Survey 2013

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