Photo: Fast Company

Photo: Fast Company

Last modified: 28/01/2014

Barcelona is now Europe's fourth-top Smart City

The Catalan capital jumps four spots and takes fourth place in Europe's Smart City ranking in 2013, ahead of cities like Paris, Stockholm and London.

Published by the magazine Fast Company, this ranking shows the 10 most innovative European cities in terms of infrastructure, technology and entrepreneurship over the past year.

Copenhagen tops the list for the second consecutive year, followed by Amsterdam and Vienna. Barcelona, ranked eighth in 2012, jumped to fourth spot. Behind these four come Paris, Stockholm, London, Hamburg, Berlin and Helsinki.

The magazine particularly valued the Catalan capital's involvement in the global movement of Smart Cities. It also placed emphasis on the fact Barcelona is host for the Smart City Expo World Congress and that it is promoting the so-called City Protocol.

The authors also mention that at the local level there are lots of pioneering initiatives. Particularly mentioned is the Bicing programme, which is a bike sharing scheme with more than 6,000 cycles, pollution detection and traffic management systems, or the transformation of a one-time industrial part of Barcelona into the 22@ innovation district which boasts very high levels of quality of life.

In recent years, Barcelona has become a European leader in urban mobility projects, transport efficiency and energy self-sufficiency programmes. Examples include the smart app Parked Inside and Apparkb, a new orthogonal bus network that brings added efficiency, or smart bus shelters or the local Master Plan for Lighting, which is a strategic decision to focus on intelligent lighting.

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