Photo: European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report 2012

Photo: European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report 2012

Last modified: 19/09/2012

Barcelona consolidates its position as one of the great city destinations in Europe

According to the prestigious 'European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report 2012', the Catalan capital is currently the fourth most popular city on the continent for international tourism.

The Catalan capital has established itself among the top destinations in Europe, positioning itself in fourth place, just behind London, Paris and Rome. This is highlighted by the European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report 2012, compiled by the University of Vienna, which also confirmed that Barcelona is the city with most overnight stays (hotel-nights) gained in 2011. 

This is a 15% increase in overnight lodging and an absolute growth of 1.6 million overnight stays (reaching 12.6 million). This data endorses Barcelona as the city with the greatest increase in overnight stays during in 2011. It is followed by large cities such as Rome, which grew by 8.8%; Prague, which had 9,4%, and Madrid, with 11,8%. 

In the general ranking of growth, after Barcelona and the previously mentioned Rome, Prague and Madrid, are Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. In the list of absolute figures — with total nights booked — behind the fourth place of the Catalan capital came Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid and Amsterdam. 

The 'Barcelona' brand: an international projection of success 

Barcelona is one of the principal destinations for European tourists. For example, in Germany, the Catalan capital was the urban destination with the most growth in 2011 as a percentage (20.7%) and in total volume. In Italy, the city was third (behind London and Paris) in total volume of overnight stays (8.5% of the total), while in France they had Barcelona as their second goal, only behind London.

In the United Kingdom, Barcelona achieved fourth place and represented 6.2% of the 18 million hotel-nights of its inhabitants in Europe.

The Catalan capital is also a destination on the rise for the United States, where it occupies second place behind Paris with an increase of 14.7% on previous years. Similarly, in the global volume of overnight stays, the city is the third most popular European destination for Americans, behind London and Paris and above Madrid. 

Finally, among the 6 million overnight stays generated from Japan in Europe, Barcelona occupies fourth position in the ranking.

European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report 2012

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