Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 25/11/2014

Barcelona committed to creating jobs

Council launches 'Commitment to Employment Plan in Barcelona', worth € 22 million to help the recruitment of more than 1,300 employees.

One of the City Council's priorities is the fight against unemployment and the creation of the right environment to create jobs. This is also one of the main objectives of the so-called Barcelona Growth initiative which has 30 measures to drive economic growth in the city. 

Last November 18, Barcelona Activa launched its 'Commitment to Employment Plan in Barcelona', a 22-million-Euro programme to help the city's small and medium-sized businesses hire up to 1,340 workers. 

Companies based in Barcelona's metropolitan area with less than 250 employees are eligible for subsidies when hiring up to 5 registerednew employees  living in Barcelona and belonging to one of two groups that have especial difficulties getting into the labour market

When hiring people over 40 who have been unemployed more than 12 months, SMEs get a fixed incentive of 5,000 euro for each new contract lasting six months, which will be extended to 10,000 euros more if the contract reaches 18 months. 

As for the unemployed at risk of social exclusion with special difficulties finding work, companies will get a fixed subsidy of 6,000 euro, which will be extended to 12,000 euros more  if the contract reaches 18 months. 

The rest of the budget will go to funding a programme for 200 people that will get training and a six-month contract with the City Council. 

Companies interested in this plan with new employment contracts dating from November 18 and that comply with conditions  can now fill out an application form found on the programme's website. 

Commitment to Employment Plan in Barcelona
Quick Guide ‘Commitment to Employment Plan in Barcelona' (catalan - pdf) 

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