Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 26/04/2012

Axiom Groupe set to organise the 5th edition of Controlling & Reporting Management Barcelona in May

Barcelona City Council sponsors this international conference, which will draw together speakers from companies such as Danone, Lafarge, Citibank, Enel and Orange.

Axiom Groupe is organising the 5th edition of "Controlling & Reporting Management Barcelona" this coming 24-25 May. The conference, which will take place at the Hotel 1898, is aimed at business executives and will offer an insight into the latest trends and business control and management reports tools.

For two days, keynote speakers from companies such as DanoneLafargeCitibankMagyar TelekomAlkaloid SkopjeXstrataTNTNetAppEnelPQ CorporationMaersk Oil y Orange will be looking at questions like the current challenges facing companies, improving corporate performance, managing budget control systems and financial control.  

As the sponsor of the event, Barcelona City Council will be offering the chance to get a 1,000 euro discount on registration for the conference. This offer must be confirmed with Axiom Groupe prior to completing registration. 

Axiom Groupe's third conference in Barcelona in 2012

Axiom Groupe organises regular international conferences and business meetings focused on issues such as finance, marketing and business management.

Barcelona has already hosted two such conferences this year: "Enterprise Risk Management 2012", featuring international enterprise risk management experts (view video of attendee opinions), and "Cards & Payments 2012" (view video), centred around the best practices in the development of the next generation of electronic payment cards and systems. 

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