Photo: Aparca&go

Photo: Aparca&go

Last modified: 25/03/2014

Aparca&go acquires start-up ParkedInside

These companies got expert advice from Barcelona Activa during the operation.

The agreement reached in March means the two companies can grow in terms of business and complement the range of mobility services that each had until now offered separately.

Barcelona Activa and the private investor network BCN Business Angels, which forms part of the Aparca&go team, have provided support and advice to both companies in order to merge the business.

Aparca&go was founded in 2009 with the idea of providing alternatives to parking at stations, ports and airports. Last year's turnover was 4 Ä million with a workforce of 50 employees, which will now be joined by the three shareholders of the start-up ParkedInside, who designed a mobile platform to find, book and get discounts of up to 40% on car parking in major cities.

From now on, following this acquisition, Aparca&go customers can book and pay through their mobile phone at more than 50 car parks in the city of Barcelona and this figure is expected rise later this year to 150.

ParkedInside won last year's edition of EmprenedorXXIDigital, a programme for creating digital technology companies worth 10,000 euros to the winner and which includes a lease at Barcelona Activa's  GlÚries Business Incubator.


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