Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 26/03/2012

Agbar steps up its investment in research and innovation by 3 million euros

Aigües de Barcelona invested 40 million euros in various R&D&I projects in 2011, up on the previous year.

Aigües de Barcelona (Agbar) invested "40 million euros in various research, development and innovation (R+D+i) projects in 2011, compared to 37 million in 2010", according to the company's Chairman, Àngel Simón, who added that "revenue grew by three percent last year," in comments made prior to the launch of Aquaforum, a forum dedicated to water and its management.

To this effect, the water management specialists have maintained their commitment to differentiation by once again setting aside "1.2% of our revenue to this area, when the water sector only invests 0.5% of revenue on average," Simón stated, underlining that water consumption has fallen by 15% in the Mediterranean Arch over the last four years, with related services dropping by 40%. "In times like these," Simón stressed, "we must manage water effectively and efficiently both locally and globally, but reducing investment in R&D&I is not an option." 

The company's Chairman went on to run through a number of Agbar's achievements to demonstrate that "quality water can be managed and delivered with limited investment". One example he gave was a 20-million euro investment to reducing water loss in Havana (Cuba), which had reached 80% by the year 2000.  Similarly, in Algeria the company has recently expanded its distribution of drinking water to Oran, thereby increasing its reach from 10% of the population to 77%. 

Agbar has also been a pioneer in water management in the Canary Islands, where it runs more than 300 desalination plants, helping the company become a world leader in the field.

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