Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 25/05/2012

A new boost for the Barcelona brand

A Promotion Council, led by the City Council and promoted from the Barcelona Growth initiative, will regulate and design a joint action plan to provide it with renewed value.

The Barcelona brand is a key economic asset for internationalisation and attracting investments for the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and for Catalonia. Continued investments in innovation, modernity and economic, technical, artistic and social progress have together allowed the city to gain a certain prestige and reputation which represents a great opportunity for the companies. 

The Barcelona Growth initiative has defined specific measures for channelling and regulating this potential, in order to promote the Barcelona brand and provide it with a renewed value which will allow for differentiation and positioning the city at a global level. 

Thus, a Promotion Council will be created, presided over by the Mayor Xavier Trias, and will be comprised of entrepreneurs and institutions representing the different work groups of the Barcelona Growth Board (FemCatBarcelona GlobalPimecChamber of Commerce of BarcelonaFCB,...) and experts in city branding. 

Depending on the Barcelona brand's quantitative and qualitative positioning at local and international levels, this council will define the brand's story and the regulations for governing its use; monitoring; promoting its own legal protection; detecting potentialities and establishing a joint action plan for its positioning. 

In this sense, the graphic elements of the Barcelona brand will be designed (logo, seal, slogan,...) with a view for them to be used by the companies and institutions.

The 30 government measures for the economic boost

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