Photo: Barcelona Activa

Photo: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 17/04/2015

9000 cyberjobs to land in Barcelona

According to a study by the Ecommerce&Tech Barcelona Cluster, digital companies have tripled their billing and doubled their hiring.

Digital companies have firmly cemented themselves in Barcelona and their business volume grows year after year. This is the main conclusion of the Estudi Sectors TecnolÚgic i Digital Barcelona 2014 (Study of Technological and Digital Sectors Barcelona 2014), conducted by the Ecommerce&Tech Barcelona Cluster. Since its founding, the association, which pairs businesses and entrepreneurs in the city's electronic commerce industry, has counted on the support of the Ajuntament (City Council)-through Barcelona Activa. 

The study shows a very positive evolution during recent years, given that business volume has tripled: from 2 billion in 2012, to 6 billion in 2014. Additionally, the number of workers hired has risen from 5,000 to 9,500. 

More so, the study shows a sector that is growing exponentially and that is mainly young: the average age of companies is less than five years.  In addition, the study highlights that 33% of the companies have been created within the past two years. 

Coinciding with the presentation of the study, the cluster has changed its corporate image and name, now calling itself Barcelona Tech City.  The cluster is working side-by-side with the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council)-through Barcelona Activa, the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Regional Government) and Mobile World Capital to find its own headquarters that will serve as a benchmark institution and meeting point for startups in the technological sector. 

This meeting point will serve as a means to realize the main objective of Barcelona Tech City: to transform the city into the benchmark technological ecosystem of Southern Europe, on the same level as London, Paris or Berlin. 

Estudi Sectors TecnolÚgic i Digital Barcelona 2014 

Ecommerce&Tech Barcelona 

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