Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Last modified: 27/06/2014

17th edition of the 'Barcelona, best shop in the world' award launched with a new category recognizing shop accessibility

Nominations to qualify for one of the eight category awards can be made until July 15th. The awards were created in 1997 by the City Council to recognize the work of retailers to improve the city's commercial sector.

Barcelona City Council has again made its annual call for the traditional 'Barcelona, best shop in the world' awards to recognize shops that have had a bearing on the city's commercial sector in 2013. 

This is the 17th edition of the awards, but the novelty this time around is a new category in the field of accessibility to shops that aims to reward retailers that have developed services, facilities, tools, and other support to improve customer service for those with disabilities. 

Candidatures to apply for one of eight categories can be submitted until July 15th. These are: Best Business Award; Award for Best Group Initiative to Promote Commerce in the City; Award for Contributions to the Promotion and Knowledge of the City's Retail; Award for Best Premises; Award for Best Sustainable Business Model; Award for Local Culture Shopping; Award for Shop Accessibility and the Barcelona Award, Best Markets in the World. 

The winners will be announced in October at a ceremony organised by the Council to recognise the retail sectors' work in maintaining a local commerce focus that is innovative and of quality and that has positioned the city as a benchmark throughout the world. 

The 'Barcelona, Best Shop in the World' award was created in 1997 with the aim of helping to promote and improve new shopping experiences, as well as helping to develop an understanding of the commerce sector in the Catalan capital. 

'Barcelona, Best Shop in the World' Award 

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