Last modified: 12/12/2017

The port of Barcelona grew more than 35% in October

By markets, it is worth highlighting the dynamism of the exchanges with China, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Korea and Algeria

The most notable increase in traffic has been the loading of transshipment containers (the containers that are unloaded to be shipped back to their final destination), which has increased by 131.1%. Also noteworthy is the transport of liquids in bulk and that of ro-ro cargo (goods that are shipped on a platform, truck or trailer in short sea shipping services).

By markets, it is worth highlighting the dynamism of the exchanges with China (a growth of 7.8%), the United Arab Emirates (+6.1%), Turkey (+6.2%), South Korea (+14%) and Algeria (+15.5%). The receivers of exports chanelled through the port of Barcelona that have been boosted most are Algeria, Japan, and South Korea, while the countries of origin of the imports that have grown more in proportion are South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

In terms of movement of passengers, until October the Port of Barcelona had received a total of 3.6 million passengers, both from ferries (1.2 million) as well as from cruise ships (2.3 million). Overall, this figure signifies an increase of 1.8%.  The ferry users have grown by 11.5%, while the movement of cruise ship passengers has reduced by 2.8% compared with the same period from the previous year.

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