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Photo: Homenatge Pime

Last modified: 05/11/2015

Keys and information on the small businesses of Homenatge Pime

The meeting aims to provide knowledge and recognition to businesses with a small number of workers, which make up the vast majority of companies in Catalonia.

Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Last modified: 05/11/2015

Successful participation in the second Barcelona International Community Day

Almost 3.000 people attended the broad programe of activities that took place at the Drassanes Reials (Royal Shipyard).

Photo: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 09/10/2015

Barcelona consults on opening businesses on public holidays during the summer

The City Council has begun consultative process to decide on the opening of shops on Sundays and public holidays during the summer in the tourist areas of the city.

Photo: CoE Big Data Barcelona

Last modified: 02/11/2015

Barcelona hosts first Big Data Congress

This event showcases cutting-edge technologies to promote new employment opportunities and business innovation.

Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Last modified: 02/11/2015

Barcelona, a benchmark for the alternative economy

La Trobada Internacional de Municipalisme i Economia Solidària, an international event to promote municipal leadership in the social economy set the foundation for a network of councils that is leveraging the social and solidarity economy.

Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Last modified: 26/10/2015

Barcelona City Council presents the first Economic Situation Report for the City of Barcelona

The document includes the high capacity of the city to create and attract businesses, resulting in unemployment being very close to the European average.

Photo: EcoemprenedorXXI

Last modified: 26/10/2015

SensSolutions, EcoHortum and Nabla Thermoelectric, winners in the EcoemprenedorXXI 2015 awards

The three companies have developed clean technologies and innovative projects with environmental impact.

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Growing companies


Esclatec jointly presents a motorized shopping cart.
Source: Barcelona City Council


The startup located in the incubator in Glòries closes a record first round of financing.
Source: SeedRocket


Firm plans to open an office in the US next year.
Source: El Punt-Avui