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June 2013

Photo: Barceloan Growth

Harleys met again in the capital of Catalonia

Barcelona Harley Days closes its fifth edition with over 21,000 motorbikes and a million visitors. The impact on the local economy is estimated to be 8 million Euros.

Barcelona Growth in images

BizBarcelona 2013

Summary of the Barcelon Active participation in the latest edition of BizBarcelona


Until 31/10 - Grant application window open for 'Barcelona Creates Jobs'

Photo: Barcelona Activa

The City Council programme helps businesses contract the unemployed. The grants desk is now open for this programme. You get 3,000 euros for each new permanent contract filed for people under 29 or the long-term unemployed.

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Participate in the BCN|Open Challenge programme

The Council invites international and local SMEs and entrepreneurs to propose innovative solutions to improve the quality of urban spaces and city services.
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