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Do you need a space for business in Barcelona?

The Business Incubator abd the Barcelona Nord Technology Park are innovative environments with incubation spaces for your business. 

Offices for Investors
The Barcelona Venture Hub has temporary offices for international investors interested in meeting with businesses in the city with a high growth potential.

Searches for Available Business Spaces
The Barcelona Business Spaces Search website will allow you to search for commercial premises, offices, business centres, industrial buildings or industrial land for sale or rent.

Available office spaces in Barcelona are characterized by their geographic location, the specific characteristics of the available spaces and the operational requirements of the businesses seeking these spaces: 

  • Prime zone: this is the area known for its high level of institutional representation by companies. This area is in the heart of the city, on either side of the most prestigious streets of Barcelona: Avinguda Diagonal and Passeig de Grącia, which hold more than 15% of the stock of offices in Barcelona.
  • Central Business District: this is the area of the city that contains most of the business offices and private services; it contains 50% of the stock of offices in Barcelona and is located right in the centre of the city, in the Eixample district. Within this area demarcated by the left- and right-Eixample neighbourhoods and the city limits, are usually businesses that have a lesser commercial imperative to display their image and are looking for good price opportunities or simply see their physical location as a secondary aspect when setting up in a city.
  • New areas: In recent years, the office market in Barcelona has begun to evolve toward the creation of new centres to attract enterprise. These new central areas are strategically placed inside and outside the city; they are further from the central business district, but are well connected with the rest of the metropolitan area. These locations are chosen by companies that are looking for large, open spaces that are newly built and have an innovative distribution. The new central areas of Barcelona currently contain almost 15% of the stock of offices in Barcelona. They are Gran Via de l'Hospitalet, the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu, the sea end of Avinguda Diagonal, the 22@Barcelona technology district, the Vil·la Olķmpica Olympic village neighbourhood and the Port of Barcelona. 
  • The outskirts of Barcelona concentrates almost 20% of the total stock of offices in Barcelona and provides a growing supply as a more competitive option for locating offices and entrepreneurial activities. Thus, the expansion of the Zona Franca Industrial Estate provides different office options for companies that work with the port, the Mas Blau Business Park, beside the airport allows interaction with the airport, the future Viladecans Business Parkwill make it possible, in the medium term, to concentrate logistics and distribution central offices, the Sant Cugat Business Park has been chosen by a large number of technology multinationals, the new Cornellą and Cerdanyola Business Centres take advantage of their location beside the main communication routes of the area, and the Vallčs Technology Park is located near the county's major industrial estates.

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