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Source: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 21/09/2016

Barcelona facilitates the landing of UK companies and professionals after the Brexit

Barcelona City Council promotes the so-called "Brexit action plan" to attract productive investment and quality employment from British and non-EU companies.

Source: IoT SWC

Last modified: 21/09/2016

IoT SWC, the leading global event focusing on industrial IOT

The Internet of the Things Solutions World Congress, which will take place in Barcelona's Fira de Barcelona Gran Via Venue from October 25th to October 27th, is the leading global event to bring together organizations and Technology to showcase the latest solutions and applications of industrial IoT.

Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Last modified: 07/09/2016

Barcelona and the US, more connected

Norwegian Airlines launches new weekly routes that will connect Barcelona with Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Miami.

Source: Harbour.Space

Last modified: 11/08/2016

Harbour.Space, a new international space for learning technology

The groundbreaking initiative has had the support of Barcelona City Council to establish in the city and get in touch with the local academic, institutional and business community.

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Growing companies


New headquarters to become an HR reference in Barcelona's metropolitan area.
Source: Eurofirms


Just launched Outingfun.com leisure activities website.
Source: Outingfun

Punto Neutro

The EDI communications platform has generated interest from the legal sector.
Source: Via Empresa